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FILB Youth Volunteer Program
The Freshwater Independent Lifeboat Youth Volunteer program was initially started to address the aging population of our community volunteers. There has been research conducted suggesting that 67% of all search and rescue volunteers were male and over the age of 40. It was clear to us that the emergency response sectors were entering a period where there was an increase in the number of volunteers unsuitable for field deployment and that this would continue to a point of crisis from 2020 and beyond unless this was addressed at a strategic level.

If you're selected as a Lifeboat Crew Volunteer, you'll be given training over a 12-month probationary period.

Our core program objective is to train young people to become active community volunteers in the search and rescue and civil defence emergency management sector. We are aiming to create multi-skilled young people who will be invaluable to their community. It's highly likely some of our youth volunteers will go on to save lives, but also going to be great human beings who give back to their local community.

It motivates young people back into accessing mainstream servicesIt supports the reintegration of disengaged young people

It coaches young people in a wide range of skills to enhance their confidence and motivation‚Ä®

It increases their employability opportunities through experiences and recognised qualifications

It reduces risk of social exclusion and involvement in criminal/anti-social behaviour

It encourages young people to make healthy lifestyle choices

If you are interested in the FILB Youth Volunteer program please contact us by emailing the boathouse on Or ring and leave a message on 01983 755090. We will get back to you.