Freshwater D Class Lifeboat

The Inshore D-Class is the smaller of our two Lifeboats, which often leads the public to think of the larger B-Class as our main Lifeboat. In reality the D-Class is our day to day Lifeboat, and is used by the FILB on more shouts than the larger B-Class due to its versatility and ability to get in close to the shore. The D-Class will generally operate with three crew members on board leaving plenty of room for up to 3 casualties to be brought on board. It has a 50 HP Yamaha Outboard motor with two separate fuels tanks, meaning that can reach a top speed of 25 knots. At that speed within 10 minutes of launch we can be at Compton or the Needles. Primary operations for the D-Class are helping casualty vessels in need, performing recoveries from the cliffs, searches for people or animals in distress along the shoreline, and providing safety overwatch from the water. The D-Class enables the FILB to get onto the beaches and into the various caves that are dotted along the coastline.

The D-Class carries onboard:

- VHF Radio
- GPS Chart Plotter
- Towing ropes and springs
- 4 Throw Ropes
- First Aid Kit
- Neck and various other braces
- Compass
- Spare Propellor Blade
- Foot pump
- Flares
- Fire Extinguisher
- Rope cutters
- Water Bottles