Safety Advice

Enjoy our Coastlines Safely

Please take care out there on our coast and on the roads. Every new storm brings new challenges and dangers.

We definitely advise against getting anywhere near any of the cliffs along our coast, especially with children or pets.

With the vast amount of rain that regularly falls along our coast, slips and flooding are more than likely to occur than in other areas of the UK.

Always check tides before you go, have a means to call for help, and follow safety advice.

Stay back

at least half

the height of a


Common sense safety advice

  1. Do not take unnecessary risks and stay away from the edge of the cliff top. ie. Not a good day for selfies.
  2. Let someone know where you are going and what time you are likely to be back - mobile phone reception is patchy on the coast
  3. Children and dogs may not see potential dangers – such as cliff edges - especially if they are excited. Keep them well back.
  4. Stay away from the base of cliffs: rock falls can happen at any time.
  5. Do not climb or walk over landslide or rock fall debris, especially after wet weather.
  6. Always pay attention to warning signs; they are there to advise you on how to stay safe.
  7. Check the weather forecast before you go.
  8. Take something to eat and drink
  9. Beware of steep, shelving beaches and large waves.
  10. Be aware of tide times. The sea comes in and out twice a day and it is possible to get cut off by the incoming tide or forced up against the cliffs. See BBC Tide Times for the latest information.
  11. In case of an emergency on the coast dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
Don't put yourself

in danger

It's important to keep yourself safe when you take your pets for a coastal walk. Please remember:

Enjoy our